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New to video? The actual duration of your time line is dependent on your budget, scope and size of the production you require, but the basic process is the same no matter what


You Get a Team of Experts

Your project will be assigned a team of award winning expert that

will  guide you through the process


You’ll be assigned an EMMY awarded producer that will work with you through the process. She'll manage your budget to make every

dollar count.  And schedule everything from kick off meetings to final approval meetings. She’s there to answer your question when and wherever they come up.


This is the key ingredient to what we do. We believe in creative that not only contains your message, but does it in an interesting and engaging way. No mater what you product or service is, you have a story. It’s our job to find it and tell it.


Your Director of Photography will be responsible for the look of your video. Should it be bright and energetic? Or a bit more dramatic and serious? 


Your video will be stitched together by our EMMY awarded editor. He’ll finesse  the footage to get the most impact out of your message, and help grow your business.

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